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Production Technology

Since 1998, "Hange" has been engaged in sanitary ware production.

The factory is committed to producing high-quality products, with quality inspection system, 

in line with international ISO9001, EN817-2008 quality inspection standards. 

Each product was inspected and tested during the manufacturing process.The model design of the product

is designed according to technical requirements and consumer preference statistics.

The products of "D&K" comply with European standards and the quality of the

products meets the requirements of ГОСТ25809-96,ГОСТ19681-9.

High Quality Copper Raw Materials

《D&K》 faucet is cast from brass with a copper 

content of 59%---60%, and the lead content is absolutely 

safe for human health.

Ceramic Cartridge

• The valve core housing is made of lithium thermal material – polyamide (PPOM) and

30% glass fiber. This material is allowed to come into contact with drinking water and is

absolutely harmless to the body.

• The ceramic core structure ensures the ideal conversion process of hot and cold water

and good water pressure and water temperature.

• The D&K brand's cartridge uses a professional filter to reduce noise to 17-18 decibels,

which is almost inaudible.

High-tech manufacturing

D&K products are manufactured using modern high-tech technology.
Foundry blanks (mold) are machined using the most sophisticated, high-speed automated equipment.

Product accessories before assembly are rigorously tested for the number of duty cycles: 
• Quick open core - no less than 300,000 times per open/close valve
• Spool - open / close no less than 500,000 times
• Product plating corrosion test CASS4
• The product is immersed in copper salt spray for 400 hours (the European standard is 200 hours)
• The product's nickel-chromium coating does not lose its quality characteristics due to testing

360° Rotation

The faucet outlet that has received much attention can be rotated 360°.


The built-in foaming core with rotation adjusts the direction of the water flow,
which is also for the more comfortable use of the faucet.
The bubbler is made of composite material - hand-grinded lime deposits.

Simple And Quick Installation

To install D&K products in the bathroom or kitchen, you only need one tool:

a spanner wrench with a width of at least 32 mm.

Packaging And Loading